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Former First Lady, Michelle Obama Surprises Ellen On 20th Anniversary Of Her Coming Out!!

Officially, It has been exactly twenty years since Ellen DeGeneres’ sitcom character, Ellen Morgan, came out as g’ay in “The Puppy Episode” of her show “Ellen.” Ellen also came out in real life after that episode, and she decided to celebrate the anniversary of her momentous decision on her show.

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The special episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show included a cameo from Oprah Winfrey, who had played her therapist in that historic episode. But it also featured a surprise message that not even Ellen knew about as a video went up of none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of announcing to the world who you really are. Time and again you have shown us what love really means. You are brave. You are kind,” Obama said before she joked, “You are a terrible person to go shopping with.”

“And I absolutely adore you. Congratulations again. Love you much,” she added.

Ellen couldn’t stop smiling through the whole message and replied, “Wow. I love you, too, Michelle.”


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