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Former Egyptian PM Barred From Leaving UAE After Declaring Interest In Presidency


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“I was surprised to know that I am prevented from leaving the UAE for reasons that I don’t understand and I am not willing to understand,” he said.

Shafiq’s candidacy would see him stand against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is reported to be keen on another term at the helm.

After narrowly losing the 2012 election to Mohamed Morsi, Shafiq stood trial in absentia on charges of corruption.

He was acquitted and has since emerged as a vocal critic of al-Sisi.

“I was intending to carry out a tour among the Egyptian diaspora before returning to my country in the next few days,” Shafiq said

“Though I repeatedly express my gratitude for the United Arab Emirates’ hospitality, I refuse their interference in my country’s affairs in banning me from participating in politics,” he added.

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