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Former CAF President Issa Hayatou: “This Verdict is Quite Grotesque and Can’t Be Justified”

In a note released today, Issa Hayatou, the former president of the African Football Confederation, questioned his conviction – and that of his former secretary general – by the Cairo Economic Court to pay 500 million Egyptian pounds ( approximately 24,5 million euro) of fine. “This verdict is quite grotesque and can not be justified (…) There is no doubt that, from the beginning, this case is orchestrated with a political agenda and for the benefit of certain individuals, and this, tarnishing my reputation and that of the former Secretary General, “says the note in which the man made an update on how the events had unfolded. In order to clear his image, the President of the African Football Confederation from 1988 to 2017 said: “I will naturally appeal this decision” 

Read below, the whole of its focus: 


(President of the African Football Confederation from 1988 to 2017)

It is with dismay that I became aware of the “judgment” rendered by the Egyptian Economic Court on November 26, 2018, relating to a complaint lodged by the Egyptian Competition Authority in early 2017. The complaint followed the designation of Lagardère Sports, by CAF, as marketing and media agency for the marketing, on behalf of CAF, of the rights of the main competitions of CAF until 2028, for a minimum guarantee of one billion US dollars (1,000,000 $ 000).

“The judgment” imposes on me individually, as well as Mr. El Amrani, former Secretary General of the CAF, a heavy fine of 500 million Egyptian pounds (about 27.9 million US Dollars) each, a total of A total of one billion Egyptian pounds (about US $ 55.8 million), while clearing the CAF of all liability. This verdict is quite grotesque and finds no justification in that it constitutes a flagrant disregard for the facts and provisions of the Egyptian and international law on competition.

Mr. El Amrani and I at all times, and particularly in the specific case of the contract with Lagardère Sports referred to, act-es qualities and with a warrant duly issued by the Executive Committee of CAF as evidenced by the successive deliberations and lawsuits – verbal. The decision of the Egyptian Economic Court to sentence us while clearing the CAF was taken in flagrant violation of Article 25 of the Egyptian Law on Competition, the individuals concerned and the entity represented being legally inseparable and jointly and severally liable.


CAF and its Executive Committee renewed the partnership with Lagardère Sports in June 2015, through a memorandum of understanding. This agreement, unanimously approved by the members of the Committee, in full respect of the contractual and legal procedures, was obtained following negotiations started in September 2014 and involving a large number of representatives, including a working group of the CAF, the Strategic Marketing Committee of CAF, an agency specializing in sports law, as well as the administration of CAF, all within the framework of the mandate issued by the Executive Committee.

In September 2016, just one day before the signing of the long-term agreement with Lagardère Sports, an Egyptian company called “Presentation” submitted to CAF a sheet of paper of one page – qualified “offer” – proposing 1 , 2 billion US dollars for the purchase of commercial rights. It is worth remembering that commercial rights have never been put on sale, but only license agreements were envisaged.

The CAF Executive Committee unanimously rejected the “offer” of “Presentation”, submitted more than one year after the signing of the CAF / Lagardère Sports memorandum of understanding, from an unknown entity, with a capital of less than one hundred thousand US dollars ($ 100,000) and without any guarantee. At the time of the Committee’s decision, the current Chair of CAF was a member, as well as seven (7) other persons who are still members of the Committee.

Despite the undeniable fact that the agreement between the CAF and Lagardère Sports is an agency contract, the Egyptian Economic Court has qualified this agreement as a sales contract. This incorrect qualification is in total contradiction with the provisions of the agreement and the documents submitted.

During my entire chairmanship at CAF, all the actions taken were in strict compliance with the Statutes and Regulations and always in the interest of African football. The proof, if still needed, is that the contract signed with Lagardère Sports is still maintained in force by the current CAF Executive and continues to produce its effects.

There is no doubt that, from the beginning, this case has been orchestrated with a political agenda and for the benefit of certain individuals, and this, tarnishing my reputation and that of the former Secretary General.

I will naturally appeal against this decision, while reserving the right to bring the case before any other competent international tribunal, in order to put an end to this intolerable defamation and repeated attacks on my honor.

November 28, 2018 


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