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Forbes Unveils 30 under 30 List

Forbes has released its annual 30-under-30 list for 2019. The 2019 class of healthcare-minded individuals features a number of physicians, biotech innovators and researchers all aiming to improve care delivery in the U.S.

Forbes Unveils 30 under 30 List

The 2019 class was judged by four healthcare industry leaders: Kristina Burow, managing director of Arch Venture Partners; John D. Halamka, MD, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and dean of technology for Harvard Medical School — both in Boston; Philip Jones, PhD, vice president of Houston-based University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Therapeutics Discovery division; and Cigall Kadoch, PhD, founder of Foghorn Therapeutics and member of Forbes‘ 30-under-30 class of 2014.

Here are Forbes‘ 30 individuals under 30 years of age who are making significant contributions to the healthcare industry:

  1. Megan Blewett, 29 — PhD candidate and an associate at venture capital firm Venrock
  2. Catherine Freije, 27, and Cameron Myhrvold, 29 — virus researchers at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass.
  3. Nathanael Ren, 29, and Eddie Reyes, 28 — co-founders of Buoy Health
  4. Marinna Madrid, PhD, 28Nabiha Saklayen, PhD, 29; and Stan Wang, MD, PhD, 29 — co-founders of Cellino Biotech
  5. Fei Chen, PhD, 28 — principal investigator at the Broad Institute
  6. Anna Cliff, 29 — co-founder of telehealth company Dialogue
  7. Tyler Clites, PhD, 28 — postdoctoral associate at Cambridge-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  8. Joshua Cohen, 28 — MD-PhD candidate at Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University
  9. Connor Coley, 24 — PhD candidate at MIT
  10. Cecilia Corral, 28 — co-founder and vice president of product at CareMessage
  11. Cheryl Cui, PhD, 28 — co-founder of Nest.Bio
  12. Abdullah Feroze, MD, 29, neurosurgical resident at Seattle Children’s Hospital
  13. Eric Frieman, 27 — co-founder of outpatient addiction and mental health treatment provider VFR Healthcare
  14. Adegoke Olubusi, 25Tito Ovia, 25; and Dimeji Sofowora, 26 — co-founders of Helium Health
  15. Inmaculada Hernandez, PharmD, PhD, 28 — assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh
  16. Shinjini Kundu, MD, PhD, 28 — resident physician and medical researcher at the University of Pittsburgh
  17. Kyle Loh, PhD, 25 — assistant professor at Stanford (Calif.) University
  18. Janice Chen, PhD, 27; Lucas Harrington, PhD, 27; and Trevor Martin, PhD, 29 — co-founders of Mammoth Biosciences
  19. Nohemie Mawaka, 27 — founder of Stats Congo
  20. Alexei Mlodinow, MD, 28 — co-founder of Surgical Innovation Associates
  21. Dennis Grishin, PhD, 28, and Kamal Obbad, 24 — co-founders of Nebula Genomics
  22. Stephanie Papes, 28 — co-founder of Boulder Care
  23. Trang Duong, 23Henry Iseman, 22; and Victor Wang, 22 — co-founders of Penta Prosthetics
  24. Nathan Buchbinder, 25Coleman Stavish, 24; and David West, 24 — co-founders of Proscia
  25. Alex Salter, 29 — MD-PhD candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle
  26. Sukrit Silas, PhD, 29 — co-founder of BillionToOne
  27. Erin Smith, 18 — founder of FacePrint
  28. Raja Srinivas, PhD, 29 — co-founder of synthetic biology startup Asimov
  29. Johannes Birgmeier, 28, and Karthik Jagadeesh, 29 — PhD candidates at Stanford University
  30. Joy Wolfram, PhD, 29 — assistant professor at the Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic

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