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Forbes: Kylian Mbappé, Among the Most Generous Footballers in the World

In the world of sport, especially in football, big salaries and philanthropy do not necessarily do well together. But Kylian Mbappé seems to be an exception.

The charitable commitment is like gloves. In the same way that he distributes assists on the playing area, it is in the same way that he releases his checkbook, always accompanied by his legendary smile.

The second most expensive player in the world, who won a 350,000 Euro bonus for winning the World Cup, decided to donate 100% of his bonuses to charity.

While the entire England team has pledged to collectively return their premiums to pre-selected charities, Forbes reveals, Mbappé has made a personal choice based on an individual commitment. Thus, the newspaper L’Equipe revealed that this donation would go in full to the association Premiers de Cordée.


So much attention, solidarity, noble gesture that make him one of the most “generous” footballers on the planet. It is a Forbes France which establishes this new classification.

At 19, Mbappé stands out from other players of his generation or even his predecessors, some of whom are stingy, sometimes because of the pressure of their “greedy” agents.

For her part, Kylian Mbappé seems to be free of his movements on his bank account, this in particular for a charity that helps hospitalized children and disabled to play football – an area in which he was already deeply involved.

In fact, the General Delegate of Premiers de Cordée said: “I sometimes think that it takes more pleasure to play with children than the children themselves”.


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