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Forbes Declares Jay- Z and Beyonce Net Worth At $1.16 Billion!!


Celebrity superstar couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce net worth have reached the billion dollar mark according to Forbes.

Music superstars and couples are the first to have a combined fortune of $1.16 Billion as estimated by Forbes.

Jay-Z has a personal net worth of $810 million in the latest Forbes ranking of hip-hop artists. While Beyonce raked up to $350 million in fortune. The combo put’s Jay-Z and Beyonce net worth to $1.16 billion.


Shawn Carter – Jay-Z – has his money coming in from Roc Nation, Tidal and several other companies. Sprint bought a $200 million worth of shares in tidal which bolstered the rapper’s net worth.

As reported, Beyoncé and Jay Z are officially worth one billion dollars. Mama, we’ve made it.

Per Forbes, the beloved singer has a personal net worth of $350 million, with her husband hitting the $810M mark. Together, the couple have a combined net worth of $1.16 billion, a number that is only going to increase over time, particularly factoring in Jay Z’s recent business dealings.

In addition to the Carter family reaching the $1B mark, their philanthropy is still atop their priority list, with Jay Z recently teaming up with eBay for a charitable cause and Beyoncé being named 2016’s most charitable celebrity.

Their generosity, combined with their incredible contributions to an industry that they have devoted their creative lives to, is part of why it is nearly impossible to hate on ’em. After all, what is real cannot be threatened.

The couple have major shares in Tidal. They have been married for well over 5 years are expecting a set of twins later this year. They both have a daughter Blue Ivy.

Congrats to one of our favorite power couples on all of this winning!


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