For Trump, the EU is Doing as Much “Harm” to the United States as China, “Except that it is Smaller”

In an interview on Fox News, the US president said that the European Union was as “bad” in the United States as China in terms of trade, citing an unequal relationship that would suffer the Americans.

“[The Europeans] made a trade surplus of $ 151 billion last year […] And on top of that, we are spending a fortune in NATO to protect them,” Donald Trump told reporters. an interview broadcast on Fox News on July 1st. The US president compared the EU’s trade practices with those of China, saying: “The European Union is probably doing as much harm as China, except that it is smaller.” 


Taking a serious look, he lamented the inability of European countries towards the United States. “It’s terrible what they did to us,” said the tenant of the White House. “We all like the European Union in a way [but these countries] treat us very badly. They treat us very unfairly, “he added.

The 45th President of the United States justified his decision to impose tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum on all US trading partners  : “If we do not apply it to everyone then they [the target producing countries] are going through the countries that are not subject to it and you are wasting a lot of time. “Asked about the opportunity to face the traditional allies of the United States against China, Donald Trump replied in the negative. “[Europeans] do not want our agricultural products. In all honesty, they have their farmers so they want to protect their farmers. But we do not protect ours, “he said. About the EU, he also spoke about the automotive marketpointing to German brands entering the United States while Americans “can not bring in [their] cars.” 

Donald Trump has been engaged for several months in an all-out commercial offensive, against China he accuses of violating the law of intellectual property, but also against Europeans and Canadians who retaliated with retaliatory measures.

In addition, the US president remained firm on Iran, another subject of contention with the European Union. He reiterated that European companies doing business with Iran would be punished  : “Yes, of course. This is what we do. Absolutely. “Withdrawing on May 8 from the 2015 Iran International Nuclear Agreement, Donald Trump announced the reinstatement of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic, including third-country companies that trade or invest there. .


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