For This Single Reason, Never Keep Eggs In The Refrigerator Again!! Your Health Could Be In Danger!!

Where do you keep your eggs after buying them in the local store? Do you keep them in the fridge? If you’re from North America, Australia, Japan or in Scandinavia you probably do, but surprisingly not everyone does. People from other countries tend to keep eggs on room temperature and although in some cases it may be harmless, sometimes it can be health detrimental. Keeping eggs in the fridge may expose you to the dangers of certain bacteria like Salmonella, which are especially health detrimental.eggs


Several studies indicate that eggs kept at room temperature have a lower amount of bacteria than those kept in the fridge. If you put contaminated eggs in the fridge the bacteria is preserved and starts multiplying rapidly, contaminating everything in the fridge as well. This is especially true in the case of Salmonella because the cold environment stimulates rapid proliferation.

Additionally, one of the bad things about these bacteria that cause food poisoning is that they do not impact the taste, the smell, or the appearance of food. There’s no telling if a chicken is infected with salmonella or no, so it is possible that the eggs, whether they come from a grocery store, a farmer’s market, or the backyard of your neighbor contain salmonella. It’s still up to you to decide how you want to store your eggs but you should be aware of the risks you’re taking. Prevention is the best cure, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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