For The Couple: Gentlemen, Here Are 7 Sentences That Every Woman Dies To Hear

When it comes to relationships, language is important. Just as the bad sentence can make your girlfriend angry or upset, a perfectly worded sentence can, on the contrary, give her wings. And although there are not two exactly the same women, there are indeed phrases that any woman on earth would like to hear …


“You are the only person for me”

This sentence will make your wife feel loved, honored and special. It shows devotion and most importantly, genuine love.

“Your work is so important”

Women feel proud when their partners motivate them to work harder. Juggling office work, taking care of your children and running a house is not an easy task.


Women want to feel important. They want their work to be seen and valued, especially by the person who is closest to their heart. Do not wait for a party to cover them with gifts, or inspire them.

“I feel like I can tell you everything”

An unsecured relationship will eventually go bad. Women tend to love their partners unconditionally when they talk to them openly about their problems.

Men should have the courage to tell their wives all the details of their cheating scandal. Love is painful. She will forgive and forget because of conjugal vows, and will find ways to keep her family intact.

” Tell me about your day “

Women love men who listen to them talk about everything: their work, an argument with friends, their bad day … She feels lucky because she has someone to share her joy and her sorrows.

“I love spending time with you”

The more time you spend together, the better you get to know yourself. This will help strengthen the bonds that exist between you.

“May I have your point of view on the question?

Showing your partner that you really want his help and value his opinion is a great idea.

“You are so sexy”

Just as women always compliment their partners when they are well dressed, or for a nice gesture, they also love hearing that you find them sexy.


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