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For the Algerian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: “French is a Useless Language”

Algeria has been the new champion of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) for a few days. As the Algerian population rejoices around this beautiful victory, the government makes drastic decisions.

According to RFI, the Algerian government has decided that from now on courses will have to be given in Arabic or English.

The two official languages ​​in the country are Arabic and French. But for the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, French is a useless language.

And to do this, Tayeb Bouzid took the first steps. The headers of the official documents will now have to be written in Arabic and English.


“The French language is not useful for students. If you put online the modules taught in Arabic, there are 200 or 300 million people who will read them. If you put them in French, nobody speaks French. If we want foreign students to come, we have to use the English language, “he says.

Note that the French language is the language of business in the country because France is one of the largest partners of Algeria.

Will this decision have consequences on relations between France and Algeria?


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