For Sweden’s Dalai Lama, “Europe Belongs to the Europeans and Not to Refugees”

The Dalai Lama told Malmo in Sweden on Wednesday that “Europe belongs to Europeans” and that in the long run it is desirable for refugees to return home “to rebuild their own country”.

Speaking at a conference in Sweden’s third largest city, home to a large immigrant population, the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dalai Lama stressed that Europe is “morally responsible” when it is to help “a refugee whose life is really in danger”.

“Receive them, help them, educate them … But eventually, they have to develop their own country,” said the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism who fled Tibet in 1959 to exile himself to India, following suppression by the Chinese communist authorities of a Tibetan uprising.


“They should rebuild their own country”
“I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” said the 83-year-old Dalai Lama, who believes the refugees should be told that “they should rebuild their own country” .

The Dalai Lama is regarded by his many followers as a master of thought comparable to Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Sweden were marked by a rise in the extreme right-wing anti-immigration party the Democrats of Sweden (SD), who came in third behind the Social Democrat Party of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the Conservatives of Sweden. ‘opposition.


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