For Men, 10 Things Every Guy Can do to Have a Happier Marriage

Most guys don’t even think about whether or not they are being as good a husband as they could be, they just do their thing and assume that they are doing it right. Men are also more reluctant to look for more information on topics like this, which is why there are far more advice columns for women, than there are for men. Men will read the manual for their new car, from cover to cover, but they don’t get given any information on how to maintain their marriage. So, here are ten tips for men on how to be a good husband and how to have a happy marriage.

1. Share the chores

Many men simply use what their parents did as a guide to what they should do in their own marriage. Times have moved on, though, and there is now no such thing as a man’s job or a woman’s job. Don’t just do the things that you think you are expected to do, look around your home and see what else needs doing. Many women do like things done in their own way, but you can still offer a helping hand.

2. Listen to your wife properly

Another tip on how to be a good husband is to really listen to what your wife is saying and try to understand where she is coming from. Switch off the TV, turn away from your computer and give her your full attention, because it is really frustrating if you appear to be not taking her seriously.

3. Give your wife encouragement

Next useful tip on how to be a good husband is to show an interest in the things that are important to your wife and support her in her endeavours. If you don’t already know, find out what her dreams and aspirations are, and encourage her to do her best to achieve them. If she feels that she can’t achieve all that she might, because you don’t support her, she will become resentful and feel hurt.

4. Be more accepting of your wife

Stop judging your wife and stop criticising her. Men and women are different and they enjoy doing different things, so our next tip on how to be a good husband is to accept your wife for who she is, including all her little quirks. You may not understand why she needs to spend an hour on the telephone to her mother every weekend, but, if it’s important to your wife, then so be it.

5. Learn how to compromise


Winning an argument is not the important thing; coming to an agreement is what counts. Men are naturally competitive, so they do tend to want to prove their point and win, but it would be a much better solution if you were to try to find some middle ground that you can both agree on. Forcing your own solution to be accepted will only lead to the same issue arising again on another day and that will just lead to another argument.

6. Take initiative and do one nice thing for your wife every day

Doing, or saying, one nice and unexpected thing every day will make your wife feel more appreciated and more wanted. It could be something as simple as complimenting on her hair, or taking her out for lunch. It’s a nice way to say thanks, for all the things that she does for you, and it will show her that you really do still care.

7. Make your wife your priority

Another important tip on how to be a good husband is to make your wife your priority. You probably do work hard and feel like dropping off to sleep in front of the TV every night, but that’s not going to make your wife happy. Don’t take your wife for granted, she should be your priority. Make the time available, so that you can spend quality time together and take an interest in what she has been doing too.

8. Show your wife respect

It’s easy to show your respect for your wife, but it’s also easy to make her think you don’t respect her. It can be the little things, like turning up to meet her on time, keeping your promises and showing your gratitude when she does something for you, that make all the difference.

9. Don’t let the romance die

Next tip on how to be a good husband is to never stop buying flowers and taking your wife on surprise dates, because that kind of thing is still important, no matter how long you have been married. Women love to be romanced and it shows that you do still love her, so don’t drop all those sentimental gestures that you used to be so good at.

10. Take good care of yourself

When you were single, you probably kept yourself fit and took good care of your appearance, but a lot of men do get a bit too comfortable in marriage and they start to let themselves go. Make your wife, proud of you and dress up to go out. Take care of your physical health too. Dressing smartly for your wife and keeping yourself well groomed, is another way to let her know that you respect her and she will appreciate that.


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