For Ladies ONLY – Top 8 Nigerian Male Entertainers with Bodies to Die For –

0They’re not just selling the music. These young men put in work to look good. And they go all out to flaunt bodies the ladies can’t have enough of. Look at. Just look!

IK#1:. IK Ogbonna

Nollywood actor/model I.K. Ogbonna says his trim and fit body has to do with the lengthy periods he put into work out sessions. I.K. Ogbonna stands at 6ft2. No he’s not available.

iyanya#2:. Iyanya

At 5’11, Iyanya is not your typical TDH guy. He’s not even in the beard gang. But what the singer lacks in height et cetera, he makes up for with his mid-section. Just look at!

Flavour#3:. Flavour

Great abs. Well tattooed body. 100% vanity game. Chinedu ‘Flavour’ Okoli obviously spends quality time at the gym. The result is an open secret: the shirtless pictures the ladies can’t have enough of.


Dbanj#4:. D’banj

The Harmonica used to be his weapon. Until he discovered how to take off his clothes. It’s almost 10 years since Dbanj’s towel performance at The Headies; the performance that opened up a new chapter of stripping in the industry.

Psquare#5:. Psquare

Even though they are both married with kids, they’re still flaunting those bodies. Sigh.

ikechukwu#6:. Ikechukwu

Wait, what’s that?!

Lynxxx#7:. Lynxx

A bonafide leader of the biceps gang, many will remember Lynxxx more for his body and looks, than for his music. Not that one is complaining though.

Uzi#8:. Uzi

Now a list about the fittest Nigerian entertainers wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Ikechukwu’s younger brother, Uzi.

Uzikwendu operates a gym where he helps keep many Nigerian celebs in shape. Yeah, now you remember where you heard the name from!


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