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For Incitement And Pursuing Sharia Law, Ethiopia Court Jails 20 Muslims

An Ethiopian court has sentenced 20 Muslims to prison after they were found guilty of inciting violence and trying to establish a state government by the Sharia law.

The 20 people were charged under Ethiopia’s controversial anti-terrorism law and convicted last month.

All but one received prison terms of five and a half years. Two were journalists working for a Muslim radio station.

Muslims have reportedly felt marginalized in Ethiopia for long, and have occasionally held protests since 2011.


The state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate, citing the court ruling, said Tuesday that the 20 defendants also were found to be “participating in a movement to secure the release of another Muslim group that was under detention.”

The Ethiopian government in October declared a six-month state of emergency in the face of an unprecedented wave of violent protests that begun in the Oromia region before spreading to other parts of the country.



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