For France’s Emmanuel Macron, It’s Not “Easy” to be President of the Republic

While in Laval, in Mayenne, the Head of State took part in the new school year. In an exchange with several sixth graders, he played the Chinese portrait game, giving his impressions of his position as head of state.

All smiles. While false notes are multiplying in the majority and install a climate of cacophony in Paris, Emmanuel Macron was keen to be relaxed Monday morning in Laval (Mayenne). Participating in the back to school of students of 6th Jules Renard College, the Head of State wanted to reassure young people worried by “the feverishness of the return”. Probably a way of addressing himself as well, on the eve of a much-anticipated reshuffle.

During an exchange with the young people of a class, the president was led to draw up his own Chinese portrait. If he was an animal? “A dog” because he “likes them a lot” and has “always had them”. A sport? Football”. An object? The book”. A cooked dish? “The veal blanquette” because it is his “favorite dish” … And that the answer makes smile the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, who enjoys the phonetic resemblance with his last name.


Being president, “an honor”

As for the “job”, Emmanuel Macron is more hesitant. “President?” Suggests a young man. “I’m not sure it’s a job,” says the head of state, who praises the “beautiful job” of “professor”. “President, it’s elected, it’s time for a mandate. There are skills as in a trade but we can not say that it is really a job, “says the head of state.

Does this mean that he is a privileged person? “No, it’s the people who choose. A privilege is something that is granted to you, “he defends himself, recalling that” the privileges have been abolished in France “and that we live in a” democratic society “. “After that depends on how you see things. I think it’s always an honor. There are days it is a privilege, other days it is not a privilege. Days that are easy, other days not … “, replies Emmanuel Macron.

Accompanied by the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, Emmanuel Macron then visited the boarding school of the college, which opens for this season. “Do not worry, it’ll be okay,” he told a 5-year-old discovering the boarding school, before discussing football with several other young people.

Hollande and Sarkozy before him

Should we see the sign that Emmanuel Macron is not so different from his predecessors? Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande delivered in any case the same disgnostic as their successor on the office of president. “It’s not easy,”  said  the Socialist president at a press conference in 2014.

“Not easy to reform for public spending”, “not easy to eliminate the tax-free overtime”, “not easy to go for additional taxes,” “not easy to make labor market reforms”, “Not easy to say that we were going to choose the innovation of research,” not easy to make territorial reform “…” It’s not so easy, when we have not been president, we do not not imagine what it is, “for its part had  told  Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2012 presidential campaign



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