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For ex-British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson; ‘Women wearing full-face veils look like “mailboxes”‘

The former British Foreign Minister is once again at the heart of the controversy. His detractors accuse him of Islamophobia in a chronicle in which he evoked Denmark’s decision to ban the full veil in the public space.

Adept controversial statements, the former British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, is once again the subject of sharp criticism. In a column published on August 5 in the British newspaper  The Telegraph , he compared women who wear the full-face veil to “mailboxes” and “bank robbers” while commenting on the recent decision taken by the Denmark to ban the full veil in the public space .

If he considers the full veil and its various variants “oppressive”, he nevertheless considered that the decision of the Danish authorities was highly detrimental: “A total ban would give a boost to the radicals who claim that there is a shock. civilizations “between Islam and the West …”

And add, “As a parent facing a rebellious teenager determined to carry a tongue-piercing, or nose, you [Danish authorities] run the risk, by your brutal attempt to ban what you see as a unattractive ornament, simply reinforce the resistance. ” 

On Twitter, the column of Boris Johnson irritates its detractors

The comments of the former head of the British diplomacy have provoked a wave of reprobation.

For example, Tottenham Labor MP David Lammy described it as “Donald trump on the cheap”, fueling “the flames of Islamophobia”.


For his part, Mike Galsworthy, the co-founder of the group Scientists for EU (an anti-Brexit organization), accused him of “playing cynically [the map of Islamophobia] in front of [supporters] Tommy Robinson” , co-founder and former spokesperson for the English Defense League, a British identity movement often ranked on the far right.



Same tone on the side of Miqdaad Versi, Secretary General of the Council Muslim religious body. He lamented that the  Telegraph could publish “disgusting language”. 

In deep disagreement with Theresa May on the future of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union after the Brexit, the head of the British diplomacy Boris Johnson resigned from office on 9 July.

Source: RT


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