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Football Leaks Reveals ‘Messy’ Wages For Lionel Messi  

The French website Mediapart has just revealed the staggering incomes and figures in world football. In a document entitled Football Leaks, the media highlights the mega salaries paid by footballers, but hidden by their clubs.

Football Leaks reveals 'messy' wages for Lionel Messi

One of the notable names that pops out of the documents is Lionel Messi. The Barcelona and Argentina forward is one of the highest paid footballers in the world.


In the Football Leaks obtained by Mediapart, it is noted that Messi receives a salary well beyond what has always been officially communicated.

With gross wages amounting to nearly 400 million euros in gross wages over four years, this is the first time in football’s history that a player has had a guaranteed income of more than €100 million per season,“Mediapart writes. Taxes and other taxes are deducted from this salary.

According to Football Leaks, Lionel Messi now has around 71 million euros of fixed salary over the year, plus bonuses and bonuses.

In particular, a signing bonus (€63.5 million) and a “loyalty bonus” if he does not leave Barça before the end of his contract (€70 million). There is also a bonus in the event of a Champions League victory that would bring him 12 million more.

However, according to the official figures provided when the latest contract was signed by the Barcelona star, he would receive around 40 million euros in net wages over the year.

Sentenced in Spain to 21 months in prison last May for tax evasion, these new revelations could prove harmful to the Argentinian footballer, who could be brought to justice again.

Messi’s tax problems

Other footballers such as Brazilian Neymar Jr. have also been identified in the documents of Médiapart. The Paris Saint-Germain striker would actually receive 38 million euros net per annum, in contrast to the 30 million euros announced by his club and agent.


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