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Football: Here Is The Latest Ranking Of The 10 Most Expensive Transfers In History!! You can guess the #1…

In football, transfers are among the most interesting transactions. Intervene negotiations, games of influence etc. We have listed for you the ten most expensive transfers in the history of football. The top spot in this top 10 is held by Paul Pogba, a player at Manchester United.

Concerning the clubs, Real Madrid is at the top of purchases with four purchases out of ten for a total value of 348.7 million euros, Manchester united with two transfers for 180 million, then Fc barcelona with two transfers for 165 ,8000000. Then comes the Juventus of Turin with a transfer of 90 million and finally Manchester City with a transfer of 75 million

Below is the detailed ranking.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)


Transferred from VfL Wolfsburg (Germany) to Manchester City (England) for € 74 million in 2015


  1. Ángel Di María (Argentina)


Transferred from Real Madrid (Spain) to Manchester United (England) in 2014 for an amount of 75 million euros.


  1. Zinédine Zidane (France)


Transferred from Juventus of Turin (Italy) to Real Madrid (Spain) in 2001 for a sum of 75 million euros.

  1. James Rodriguez (Colombia)


Transferred from AS Monaco (France) to Real Madrid (Spain) in 2014 for an amount of 80 million euros.



  1. Luis Suárez (Uruguay)

    Luis Suarez

Transferred from Liverpool (England) to FC Barcelona (Spain) in 2014 for an amount of 82.5 million euros.


  1. Neymar (Brazil)


Transferred from Santos FC (Brazil) to FC Barcelona (Spain) in 2013 for € 83.3 million.


  1. Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina)


Transferred from SSC Naples (Italy) to Juventus of Turin (Italy) in 2016 for an amount of 90 million euros.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)


Transferred from Manchester United (England) to Real Madrid (Spain) in 2009 for an amount of 94 million euros.


  1. Gareth Bale (Wales)


Transferred from Tottenham Hotspur (England) to Real Madrid (Spain) in 2013 for € 99.7 million.


  1. Paul Pogba (France)


Transferred from Juventus of Turin (Italy) to Manchester United (England) in 2016 for an amount of 105 million euros.




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