Foods You Should Desist From Reheating In The Microwave


  1. Boiled eggs

Warming already boiled eggs or boiling eggs in the microwave is a recipe for disaster. Due to the steam build up, pressure rises and it explodes. This can happen in your mouth or on a plate which can result in burns. Reheating the proteins contained in eggs whether boiled or scrambled can be toxic.

  1. Rice

Many of us are guilty of throwing rice into the microwave but it turns out that how you stored it initially, plays a very crucial role. Uncooked rice sometimes contains spores and cooking them may not always get rid of them. By warming it, the microwave creates a warm moist environment for the bacteria to proliferate. This may result in diarrhea and vomiting.

  1. Celery, beets and spinach

Heating either of these on the microwave can cause the nitrates to become toxic. The heat produced has been associated with carcinogenic properties and they are best served fresh.

  1. Breast milk

Heating milk especially breast milk is a bad idea because it destroys some of the immune boosting proteins. To add to that, the uneven heating of milk creates hot and cold spots which can burn the baby’s mouth. It is advisable to warm baby milk by placing the bottle on hot water shaking it now and then to ensure it warms evenly and test it on your hand before feeding the baby.

  1. Processed meats

These already contain a multitude of chemicals and preservatives which only get worse when heated in the microwave. Placing sausages, bacon, ham etc in the microwave result in higher production of cholesterol oxidations products which are harmful to arterial cells directly connected to heart problems.

  1. Frozen meat

The easiest way to thaw frozen meat is by throwing it in the microwave and leaving it to do its thing. However, this is a totally bad idea. The microwave tends to unevenly heat the meat cooking the edges with the middle remaining frozen which can allow bacteria to grow exposing it to food borne diseases. It is best to use the old traditional methods of thawing. Defrost it in the fridge overnight.

  1. Potatoes

Warm temperatures can result in the growth of a rare bacteria called botulism when cooked potatoes are left to sit at room temperature and especially when they are reheated in the microwave. You should eat and finish potatoes immediately or store them in the refrigerator immediately. Botulism can cause serious health conditions such as paralysis.

Other than foods, you should never heat food placed in metallic containers which can start fires, Styrofoam containers which release harmful chemicals to your food or plastic containers which release estrogen like chemicals.


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