Food tips: Good Foods and The best time To Eat Them

Don’t get it twisted,any good food eaten at the wrong time is equally a bad food(at least for that moment). Check out the best timing for some of your favorite foods.

1. Curd:

Best time to eat: Daytime, since it helps in digestion

Don’t eat at: Night, since it can lead to mucus formation

2. Rice:

Best time to eat: Lunch – You can use up and burn up all the carbs consumed

Don’t eat at: Night, since it can lead to bloating and weight gain.

3. Apple

Best time to eat: Early morning because it helps in healthy bowel movement and eases constipation.

Don’t eat at: Evening or night since the acid present in apple can cause discomfort and indigestion.

4. Sugar


Best time to eat: Early/mid morning: Helps balance your glucose levels and gives you energy.

Don’t eat: After meals afternoon or night: Makes you put on weight and the heavy feeling makes it harder for you to sleep.

5. Banana

Best time to eat: Noon, they help in digestion and is perfect as a mid morning snack.

Don’t eat at: Night and early morning: Can lead to mucus formation and cold.

6. Pulses

Best time to eat: Night, since they balance your cholesterol and helps you sleep.

Don’t eat: At lunch, can make you sleepy and drowsy.

7. Walnuts

Best time to eat: Evening, improve brain health and concentration.

Don’t eat: Morning and nights – they are not as efficient at these times.

8. Milk

Best time to drink: Night, it helps in making you sleep.


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