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Flying an unregistered drone in Ghana can get you 30 years in jail

Following the strict regulation and cost (about $4,000) that entail owning and flying a drone in Nigeria, Ghana has followed suit by issuing a new law that prohibits anyone from flying an unregistered drone in the country. Failure to comply could result in a 5 to 30-year jail term. The report, which was gathered from a Ghanian source via QZ Africa claims that the country has commenced registration process for drones.

Drone In Ghana

However, there are no words on what Ghana’s drone registration process might require, but what we do we know is that the license will be valid for 5-years.

According to the GCAA (Ghana’s Civil Aviation Authority) director general, Simon Allotey:

“There are several enforcement actions including withdrawal of permit to fly the drone, “You could be convicted up to a 30-year jail term.” The new policy is also expected to spell out areas “unapproved” for drone operation.

He also explained that it is imperative for the authority to maintain sanity in Ghana’s airspace to prevent loss of lives.

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