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Floyd Mayweather: He Reportedly Spends $25,000 Just To Change The Oil On His Bugatti

Sending a car for maintenance at the garage can sometimes be a real headache.

You could arrive at the end of a particularly difficult month without even imagining that a mechanic is going to charge you a colossal sum that could even push you into debt simply for the maintenance of your vehicle.

According to TMZ, the man who sold the car to the boxer, the Nigerian Obi Okeke, also known as Dr. Bugatti, says his triple red Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible is pretty expensive just for the most basic things.

Floyd Mayweather


He told the tabloid: ”  The Bugatti is getting a big and expensive maintenance, $ 35,000 (£ 25,311) on new tires, $ 25,000 (£ 18,079) for the oil change. “

Just the amount Floyd spends all of a sudden on maintaining his car is shocking to many observers, who argue that even in a year they would not be able to spend such money.

Obi says he sold the luxury car to Mayweather just before his fight against Conor McGregor last year.

But do not blame the boxer for paying so much for an interview – he earned about $ 300 million for this fight with McGregor in Las Vegas last year.

He also has a lot of commercial investments and a quick look at his Instagram posts, he spends a lot of money all the time.

In an interview with ESPN in 2015, the 40-year-old revealed that he had $ 15 million worth of luxury cars just parked in his Las Vegas home. For nearly two decades, the unbeaten boxer has bought more than 100 cars.

So, a simple oil change costing him $ 25,000 may seem like a lot to us mere mortals, it’s barely a drop in the ocean for Floyd Mayweather.


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