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Floyd Mayweather Declares He Is Officially A “Billionaire” (Photos)

The American boxer, Floyd Mayweather says he is officially a member of the billionaire club, despite the fact that he never cashed the check for his two biggest fights.

The boxing superstar was leaving the Warwick nightclub in Los Angeles, when he started talking about his bank account.

“I already had a billion dollars,” Floyd told TMZ … “It was easy!”
Before the fight against McGregor, the US magazine Forbes revealed that Mayweather had accumulated just over $ 700 million in earnings in his boxing career.

Floyd Mayweather says he's officially 'billionaire' (photos)


According to several sports media his fight against Conor McGregor brought him nearly $ 300 million (€ 252 million), Floyd even went so far to say, with the arrogance that characterizes him: “$ 350 million. With this gain Floyd would exceed the billion. The funny part is that, according to Floyd, the check for the fight against McGregor (and the Pacquiao check) were not even cashed.
“We had a lot of problems,” Mayweather told TMZ Sports … “Money is not one of our problems.”

            In pictures the new house at 21M € by Floyd Mayweather


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