Floyd Mayweather Believes Trump Is “Like A Real Guy” And Is Shocked About Immigration

The quasi-billionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather, recently crowned by his ultra-mediated victory in the ring against MMA champion Conor McGregor, took the defense of Donald Trump and discussed the subject of immigration to the United States .

Donald Trump, who aroused fierce opposition from the left and part of the right of his country since his election, found an unexpected defender. The boxing champion with 50 freshly retired victories  , Floyd Mayweather, has indeed split a long plea in favor of the attitude of the US president, in an interview with the Hollywood media unlocked, on September 11.

The champion, who defended the chronicle on 26 August, by  winning against Conor McGregor one of the most publicized fights in the history of combat sports , has given his point of view on the protesters and on the ” immigration.

They all liked Donald Trump before

Speaking first of all about the racist accusations regularly made against the White House tenant, the boxer delivered his vision of politics for five minutes, using language that was at least remote from the language of the White House. wood.

“We never heard anything about Donald Trump’s racism before he campaigned for president and won. Before that, everybody was doing “Oh, he’s in the WWE (wrestling federation). He’s in [TV] programs.” They all liked Donald Trump before he went into the countryside, because people do not like the truth, “the champion began, before a visibly stunned audience, before continuing his argument.

A president who “speaks like real men talk”

On the vulgarity often blamed on Donald Trump and on his misogynist remarks that caused scandal during his campaign, the retired sportsman said the president, spoke “like the real guys are talking”.

“A real guy says stuff like,” Dude, she’s got a big c ** You saw that c **? … I gotta catch that. ” Okay ? Well, it’s a locker room discussion. You see what I mean ? “I’m the guy. You know me, I caught her by the pussy.” So what ? “Said Floyd Mayweather.

On a bus in 2005, Donald Trump boasted of his seductive power in private, saying he could do what he wanted to women, including “catch them by the cat.” Speeches captured by the microphone he was carrying, which had shocked him, when they had been broadcast during the presidential campaign.


 This guy did not do anything. He did not steal anything, he did his job.

Obviously not much affected by these remarks, the boxer continued his momentum: “I think people are afraid of reality. This guy did not do anything. Hey, look. If you did not want this guy in the White House, you should have voted otherwise. He did not steal anything, he did his job. He did what he had to do and he went. I’m not here to hit anyone. ”

Protesters expected to “stay home”

Criticizing the people participating in the demonstrations (in general), the athlete, who seems to attach a great deal of importance to work and to his just retribution, has been carried away.

“I do not understand why people keep shouting, and nibbling and walking … They complain:” We do not want that! ” My friend, all the time you go to protest, you could be at home writing your ideas, coming back with a business, “he said.

“You love your country so much, why are you here?”

On immigration, finally, the champion also seems to have hooked atoms with the current US president. Turning to the case of foreigners present in the territory, the boxer sought to clarify his position.

“What I say is: many times, you meet people, people from other countries and they make you kind:” Oh I love my country. I love this, I like it “. “If you love your country so much, why are you there, you take the place of another, we have Americans who will love it your job,” said the boxer.

This country will give importance to someone from a country of which he knows nothing before giving it to an American citizen

Floyd Mayweather went on to say: “This country is going to give importance to someone from a country of which he knows nothing before giving it to an American citizen. I do not know how many illegal immigrants we have in this country … We often waste our time dealing with the problems of others instead of taking care of ours. ”

This is not the first time that a top athlete has supported Donald Trump. Mike Tyson, a heavyweight legend , also spoke positively about his program during the 2016 presidential campaign, as did former basketball player Dennis Rodman.


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  1. Well, Mayweather is entitled to his opinion but that doesn’t make him an Einstein. May weather will always remain Maywesther even if he is to double the number of his wins.

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