Florida Woman Told Officer Getting Arrested Was On Her Bucket List – Report


A 19-year-old Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly evading police said getting apprehended was on her bucket list, New York Post reported.


Monroe County Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Dosh said he spotted Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas driving recklessly on Card Sound Road last Thursday, and he flagged her to pull over. But Douglas did not stop, and he ended up having to chase her. Dosh also activated the patrol vehicle’s lights and sirens.

After Douglas ultimately pulled over, she told Dosh that getting arrested had been on her bucket list “since high school,” WPLG reported.

Douglas was taken into custody and charged with fleeing and eluding. She is due to appear in court in Monroe County on June 14.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office statement said: “At 19 is it called a bucket list? In my time that was called… GOALS, dreams, aspirations. But I guess if you’re gonna drive like a fool you are rushing toward death so it may be the appropriate word after all.”


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