Flora Coquerel Explains Why Most Miss France Lose Their Boyfriend After Their Election

To become Miss is to see her life rocking. And the whirlwind that engages then risks to carry everything on its passage, especially stories of love: according to Flora Coquerel, it is far from easy to conjugate love life and life of Miss France.

Not easy to be Miss and in love ?! Interviewed by Paris Match, Flora Coquerel (Miss France 2014) explained how the title could endanger his marriage. Her opinion is still more measured than that of Alexandra Rosenfeld, who considers that being Miss France is not compatible with a love story. “It depends on the character of the two people, like all couples, tells Flora Coquerel. It’s true that it is difficult to see his half travel the world, meet, mingle the middle of the TV and the day day access to the most prestigious events. It’s very sudden and there is unprepared this can be very difficult to live. the newspaper is upside. Many Miss France saw their relationship to end during their year but this is not a generality.


The old Miss, far from the scandals that enamel the 2016 edition, returns on his favorite moment in his career under the crown. “I talk very often, this is my reunion with my maternal grandmother in Benin, tells Flora Coquerel. That was 7 years I was not back in my mother’s country and I did not saw my relatives who live there. it was a very strong moment of emotion. my grandmother was very proud to find his daughter who had so grown up and, in addition, became Miss France. it was during this trip I also created my Kelina Association to take over my parents and continue our charitable activities out there my big project.. building a maternity in the village of my grandmother

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