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Flip-flops Featuring President Trump’s Contradictory Tweets Sold Out in Less than a Month

Sandals featuring contradictory tweets from President Trump sold out in less than a month, according to Business Insider.

Sam Morrison, the man who designed and assembled the flip-flops, sold all 1,000 pairs from his website,, in September 2017. 

Each pair went for around $30. Morrison said he donated 10 percent of every purchase to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Business Insider reported in a profile of Morrison.

“Take a scroll through Donald Trump’s 40,000 tweets and you’re sure to catch some contradicting opinions,” Morrison told Business Insider. “I wanted to highlight this hypocrisy.”

Morrison collected the materials and assembled each flip-flop himself, calling it a complex and lengthy process.


“The minimum order of raw materials was 1,000 pairs, and took two months to ship to me,” he said. “I hand-printed all 1,000 pairs with a heat press, packaged, and shipped everything myself, so it was a very time-intensive project.”

He made three versions of the flip flops. One features a left-foot shoe with a tweet from Trump saying it is “foolish” to attack Syria, while the right-foot shoe features a tweet in which the president lauds the U.S. military for doing “so well in the Syria attack.”

Another pair of shoes features a tweet in which Trump called the Electoral College a “disaster for democracy” with a companion Trump tweet calling the Electoral College “actually genius.”


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