Five Helpful Tips On How To Negotiate A Salary Raise

It’s not an easy thing to negotiate a salary raise. Even if you need the money, it is a difficult task to stand in front of your bosses to ask for a salary increase. No one wants to appear as a money grabber, or self centered in the work place. Looking at our expenses, inflation rates, and the cost of living, we can all do with a raise. Look at the points below to consider when making that pitch:

1. Prepare And Make Your Pitch

Prepare your pitch the same way you prepared for the interview. You must have vital reasons why you deserve such a raise, and what is in it for the company to give in to your demands.

2.Time Your Pitch Right

Use perfect timing when the organization is doing well. You cannot expect a raise when the company is facing financial downfall. Use opportunities such as end of financial year.


3. Know Your Worth

Granted, you need to enter a salary negotiation prepared. It’s hard not to get emotional, but you need to treat it as if it’s a pitch for a project, for your services. Most importantly, you need to have a good idea of how much you’re worth to your employer.

4. Sell Your Future Potential, Not Past Performance

Think in the way your company does things, the only reason to be paid more is because you will deliver more in the future. If you’re asking for a pay raise, don’t make it about how hard you’ve worked in the past, or what others are getting paid in your position. Instead let it be about what you can do for them in the future.

5. Do Not Threaten

As much as you have to be assertive when asking for a raise, do not threaten to leave the company for greener pastures. Show your employer that you’re reasonable and understand what the company offers you as a whole, and that salary is one consideration.


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