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Five Conspiracy Theories That Claim That Legendary Tupac Shakur Might Still Be Alive

When you wipe your eyes see it clearly
There’s no need for you to fear me
If you take your time and hear me
Maybe you can learn to cheer me- 2Pac
Legend, Tupac Shakur died on this day. Tupac whose songs and the truth he spoke continues to resonate with the times in the world, was shot four times during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada after attending a Mike Tyson match the but was removed from life support six days later after his mother requested.
Although there are records that he was shot by Orlando Anderson, that was shut down after Anderson was killed in another unrelated shoot-out.
There has been several conspiracy theories and sightings ranging from Africa to Europe that he is alive. Here are some of the theories:
1. He left quietly
There are insinuations that the rapper left the hospital quietly. The genesis of this theory is traced to the video where his mother said during an interview, “he chose to leave quietly”
2. Kim Kardashian
There are insinuations that Kim might have revealed that the icon is still alive with her post (seen below)
3. Number 7
There is something about the number 7 and Shakur. Tupac who was born on the 16th of June (1 and 6) died at the age of 25 (2 and 5), on the 7th of September at 4:03 pm (4 plus 3). Theorists hope that he will return on the seventh day of an event or the seventh month.
4. Somalia
Theorist claim that he has been spotted at Somalia. This belief was propagated by Suldaan_mahdi who claimed to have seen him with his friend Kadafi, Daily Star wrote. Kadafi is said to have slumped two months after the death of Tupac. Suldaan wrote,
“I’ve seen Tupac and Kadafi way after their said deaths – in Somalia. “I’ve seen them both alive. I was in a car and they were heading in the other direction. “Kadafi was doing some kind of hand signals – he looked kind of funky”. “I saw them alive way after their said deaths.”
5. Time travel
The best part is, a “time-traveller” who owns a Youtube channel Apex TV, Noah says that he travelled to 2030 and found that he was critically injured on the day he was shot but did not die.
Source: Guardian

Written by How Africa

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