Five Beauty Ethics

Beauty, like everything worthwhile, is birthed by process and effort. Asides the makeup and attires we wear, there are some practices which make beauty easy and natural. Sadly, these practices, though simple, are usually overlooked or even ignored.

Wash Your Face Before Bed

This practice is usually ignored because of tiredness or laziness. After a long day, with worn out makeup, dust and everything else from the atmosphere on your face, you need to get rid of those layers before you sleep or you will add years to your skin. If you can’t have a full bath, wash your face and neck with a foaming cleanser before sleeping.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Our hands subconsciously tend to lift dirt from different surfaces to our faces to pinch that pimple, scratch an itch on your nose or rub our eyes. Dirt is transferred to your face by this little act, leading to breakouts, eczema and other not-so-pretty sights.

Brush Before Bed
Many people brush their teeth only once every day, in the morning, but they don’t brush before bed. Your mouth does a lot of work during the day and ends up holding some residue between the teeth. These food particles are acted upon during sleep and, over time, affect your teeth and gums. Apart from protecting yourself from mouth odour and tooth decay, you’d be giving less work to your dentist who you should be visiting biannually.

Sleep On Time


The reasons for sleeping run from beauty to health and back again. Your body undergoes repair while you sleep; your organs also get to rest, including the largest organ, the skin. Sleeping for the night should be done before midnight. According to research, an hour of sleep before midnight is as effective for resting as two hours’ sleep after midnight. It’s better to sleep early and wake early than to sleep late and wake late. It may consume the same number of hours, but your body will tell the difference.


Water revitalises, cleanses, hydrates and satisfies; we can’t say the same for other drinks. The only liquid your body needs, apart from blood, is water, so you should take up to eight glasses of water daily. Apart from moisturising from within by drinking water, many people don’t moisturise their skin. Your skin needs moisture, and so your body lotion should also serve as a moisturiser.

Stand tall and smile
Nothing seals the deal like confidence. Confidence is having knowledge of your capabilities and uniqueness. So walk with your head high, stomach in and chest out, like the royalty you are. Also, cultivate a clean mind and a restful heart, both of which should always reflect in a beautiful smile, which is the most beautiful curve there is.


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