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Five Assets That Distinguish Africa From Other Continents

The second most populous continent in the world after Asia, Africa remains the continent of the future. Endowed with a variety of riches, it is the destination popular with European tourists but also with international investors. Its culture, its tradition, its youth, its transformation, its modern economy, all assets it has today to achieve a development similar to that experienced in China during the last thirty years.

Here are five reasons that will make you love Africa more.

REASON # 5: African food


From Garba to N’dolé, Africa is full of delicious foods that are prized in the world. CNN travel has ranked the 50 best food in the world. And Africa is present in this ranking with Mozambique’s piri-piri chicken, which is in twelfth place and Gabon’s muamba chicken, which is in tenth place.

REASON 4: its beautiful landscape

Africa is a beautiful continent. Its landscape attracts millions of tourists from many countries. As proof in 2013, African tourism accounted for 4% of world tourism. South Africa is the most competitive country in this sector. African tourism has attracted 57.8 million tourists in 2016. In its report of 15 August 2017, the World Tourism Organization estimates that this number could reach 130 million tourists. South Africa is the most visited African country in the world and ranks 53rd globally.

REASON 3: its history


This point is very important because African history remains the most fantastic story in the world. Africa is considered the cradle of humanity because the oldest bones would come from Africa. Moreover, African history is marked by many civilizations. The most important is the Egyptian civilization that has marked the world with its intelligence in the field of mathematics. Slavery is also part of our history as it was a decisive turning point in the history of the African people.

REASON 2: Its riches

Africa is a very rich continent. By going through the voodoo in Benin and the generation celebrations in Ivory Coast, tradition is one of the things that colonizations could not shake. Also the African subsoil is very popular. Indeed, the congo owns nearly 80% of the global coltan reserve, a material used in the manufacture of mobile phones. The youth! yes, youth! it is the wealth of tomorrow. This youth must become conscious and stop seeing the West as the ultimate earthly paradise.

REASON 1: His great men


What would Africa be without these great men? These great men who have marked Africa, These great men who fought for Africa to emancipate are now part of our historical heritage. From the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela, to Felix Houphouet-Boigny, these great men have today enabled Africa to make a place among the great.

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