#FIRST: Someone Has Established The First Church Of CANNABIS!

magine you going to church on a Sunday and having at the back of your mind that the foundation on which the church you are attending was built WEED SMOKING?!

The debate over Marijuana being made illegal and accepted has been going on for decades and with this, is a new turn!

Someone’s actually just gone and set up the first Church of Cannabis.


Self-proclaimed ‘Minister of Love’ Bill Levin spawned the idea after the ‘religious freedom’ law was passed in Indiana, US.

It was drawn up to allow businesses the right to refuse to cater for people of certain sexual orientations.

But Bill’s taken advantage of the new law and claims that if his church is blocked by anti-drug laws it would defy his religious freedom.

The weed lover has launched a Go Fund Me campaign and even laid out 12 commandments which include: ‘Don’t be an a**hole.’




In fact, you need to read the church’s press release….. LOL

Are other religions just not satifing your need for spirituality? Has your faith left the standard church doctrine?  Well I have an answer. I have created the FIRST CHURCH OF CANNABIS. A church based on LOVE and FAITH with the plant we know and love.

Please join me in building a better spritual future for all. This fund raisng campaign is to lease us a church for a year until we can break ground and build America’s first HEMP TEMPLE celebrating all that is good in our hearts. We all have faith. Let’s cherish it  togehter under the roof of LOVE.

Lol. What’s your take on this? We wonder what sort of service and processions will go on in such gatherings. Yay or Nay?



Written by How Africa

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