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First Lady, Melania Trump Explained After Having Liked A Tweet That Denigrated Her Husband!!


The First Lady finally explained after his huge blunder on Twitter. A few days ago, she liked a tweet that openly mocked her husband, Donald Trump.

Three days ago, First Lady, Melania Trump, the wife of the president of the United States, liked Twitter from her old account (@MELANIATRUMP) which has nearly 900,000 subscribers, Writer Andy Otroy. The latter pointed the finger at the American presidential couple who did not really do in lace.


Andy Ostroy illustrated his tweet with a photo taken on the day of the inauguration of the American president in which one sees his wife suddenly changing face expression passing from laughter to annoyance. ”  It seems that the only wall that Donald Trump has built is the one between him and Melania Trump,” commented Andy Ostroy on Tuesday, May 2.

This Melania Trump liked relaunched the rumors of persistent tensions within the couple. After a silence, she just spoke for the first time on this ball through a press release broadcast by her team ”  She was unaware of the controversy concerning the subject,” she explainedIt turns out that it is a former Twitter account that it almost uses. Since then, we have changed the password “.  A reaction not enough to extinguish the media fire …


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