First Lady Melania Trump Appearance Once Again Sparks Body Double Questions [Photos]

Melania Trump may have accompanied her husband President Donald Trump during his unannounced trip to visit the troops in Iraq and Germany on Wednesday, but after the couple’s arrival back in Washington D.C. early Thursday morning people are questioning if it’s really the First Lady by Donald’s side, or instead a body double wearing sunglasses and a mini skirt.

As the couple deplaned from Marine One before the sun had even come up, Twitter began to debate the oddities of Melania’s outfit choice.

First and foremost pointing out the unconventional decision to wear big sunglasses while it was essentially pitch black outside.

But, secondly, suggesting that FLOTUS may not even be wearing trousers.

1) Could that skirt be any shorter?
2) Sunglasses at night, Melania? Really?
3) You are the First Lady of the United States. Try acting like it and not like an aging rock star groupie. Please.

— Carol Danvers, Noble Warrior Hero ︽✵︽ (@LAinSouthernNJ) December 27, 2018


Upon closer inspection, people began to realise that Melania was actually wearing tan leather leggings and flats underneath a Prada peacoat.

But the clarification didn’t stop people from implying that the confusing outfit may be an indication that it wasn’t actually the First Lady making an appearance.




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