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First Lady Grace Mugabe Pleads For Robert Mugabe’s Re-election: ”God still wants my husband to lead us”

Friday st of September, the first lady of Zimbabwe has engaged in a plea for her husband, Robert Mugabe, 93, is kept in power. This is the first speech of Grace Mugabe since the case of the aggression of which she was accused in South Africa.

It is before a crowd of supporters of the regime in the center of the city of Gweru that Mugabe said ”  If God still wants Mugabe in power, he will stay with us.”

”  God still wants Mugabe to lead us. When the time comes for Mugabe to decide that his body does not allow him to continue, he will say it himself. He will say, look for a successor, I want to rest,  “she added.

Since the country’s independence in 1980, Robert Mugabe reigned with an iron fist over Zimbabwe. Despite numerous uncertainties about his health, he has already announced that he would run for a new term in the presidential election scheduled next year.


Two weeks ago, a South African model, 20-year-old Gabriella Engels, filed a lawsuit against Grace Mugabe accusing her of violently beating her with an electric cable in a hotel room in Johannesburg. The second wife of the Zimbabwean president obtained diplomatic immunity from the South African authorities and was able to leave the country on the night of 19 to 20 August by escaping any lawsuit.

Jacob Zuma, arrested on Thursday (August 31st) in Parliament, said: ”  As far as Mrs Mugabe is concerned, I am not a lawyer, I do not know this point of law. And I did not intervene in the proceedings. How did it go ? I would lie by speculating  . ”

Renowned for her bloodthirsty strokes and her great taste for luxury, Grace Mugabe, 52, is often portrayed as one of her husband’s possible successors.


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