First Handshake Between Trump And Putin On The Occasion Of The G20 In Hamburg!! (VIDEO)

They had never met in the flesh. This is now happening at the G20 summit, where Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump exchanged their first handshake. Before we get down to business.

Before you get down to business, a little courtesy. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart finally shook hands for the first time on their arrival at the G20 summit in Hamburg. The American president, who likes to show himself physically, even made a friendly little pat on Vladimir Putin’s shoulder.


“They said they would meet separately soon,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov to the press, while a meeting between the two heads of state must take place in the afternoon, In the margins of the G20. In the same room where the 20 heads of state were preparing to sit at the same table, Emmanuel Macron was also able to give his six-year-old Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a hug.

Also present, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker was busy shaking hands. The European Union, although not a state, is indeed one of the top 20 of the world to be invited to the summit.


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