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At The First Glance These Identical Twin Sisters Are Not Special, Wait Till You See This??

Their names are Allison and Dawn Ardolio. What one twin sister did for another is so touching and may make you cry!

twin sisters

One of the sisters (Dawn) has just one son, but she wants to have more. She is a breast cancer survivor, which made her unable to have kids. When she started the search of the surrogate mother, guess who she turned to?

happy story

Alison went for a check up to see the baby’s gender in her womb, but Dawn knew it first! And that’s true!


identical twin sisters

Truly the twin sisters get much more bonded than the regular ones. However, these two girls have taken it to the next level. Their bond was extended even to their kids.

touching story

Allison has given her twin sister the most precious gift of maternity, as Dawn was robbed of it by a disease. She gave life to her baby and surrendered her own body to carry it and give birth to it.

dawn and allison

Seems like these sisters know how to keep the greatest commandment of Jesus and give life for and to each other!


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