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First Case of Coronavirus Detected in Senegal: This is How Liverpool’s Sadio Mané Reacted

Senegalese international Sadio Mané recently sent a message of solidarity and support to his Senegalese compatriots after the announcement that a patient had tested positive for coronavirus.

Known as being very active on social networks, the Liverpool striker took this opportunity to implore the protection of God against the Senegalese people: ” May Allah protect everyone “, wrote Sadio Mané on his account twitter.


It is clear that Sadio Mané is famous not only on the football fields but also outside. The proof is that he does not fail to express his solidarity to his compatriots during such delicate moments especially when the health of an entire people is in danger.

For their part, the Senegalese authorities do not hide their concern since the announcement last Monday of the contamination of a Frenchman recently arrived in Senegal. He had tested positive for coronavirus. What is even more worrying is the fact that we have not found the molecule to eradicate this deadly virus.

However, some hygiene rules are required to avoid contracting the disease: wash your hands regularly, avoid kissing and keep a distance of more than one meter from the patient with coronavirus, avoiding any physical contact with him.


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