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First African-American Woman To Shine In Literature Field Receives The Ultimate Honour  

If you thought that her old age would prevent her from adding something new to her profile, then that was wrong of you.

Toni Morrison has remained to be one of the most mentioned names in literature for more than 40 years, and now the Princeton University is ensuring that her name will forever have a presence on their prestigious school.

As a scholar, Toni Morrison earned her master’s degree at Cornell after graduating with a B.A. in English, from Howard.

Morrison’s professional relationship with Princeton University dates back to 1989—when she first assumed her role as a professor, working together with Professor Robert F. Goheen who was the then-Chair in the Humanities at the campus.

And recently, the beloved icon and professor Robert F. Goheen (Humanities), was highly overwhelmed with gratitude as the school officially honored his friend’s accomplishments by dedicating the Morrison Hall to her.

“This is a very, special, and beautiful occasion for me,” said Morrison said during the remarkable ceremony at the school.

And as someone whose academic contributions still shines up to date, everyone in the event, including Princeton University President—Christopher L. Eisgruber—shared kind words, citing Morrison’s incredible history with the campus.

“How amazing that the first building to be named through the current process will now honor a scholar, a teacher and an artist who not only has fed our campus with the best imaginable levels of distinction and achievement,” Christopher said.

“… but who has also eloquently spoken about the legacy and significance of names on our prestigious Princeton campus,” he added.


Morrison academic excellence was not just beneficial to herself and her students, but rather to the entire women and the black community. She was the first Black female to win a Noble Prize award in literature.

She has managed to excel in the literature field by sticking to her unapologetic and honest storytelling style.

In the most cases, Morrison would come up with real narratives that are centered around the real-time events in the Black history, and in the process nurture, more and more people in the literature filed.

It is also undebatable that Morrison’s work did play a vital role in bringing the Black literature to the very forefront of the mainstream America.

Now 86-years old, Morrison who lives in Lorain Ohio, has defeated all racism odds, despite witnessing black businesspeople being lynched in her street while she was 15.


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