Find Out Why You Should Never Use Your Phone In The Toilet!

It is usual to consult the mobile phone in the toilet. Generally we take the opportunity of a few minutes of tranquility to send messages or read emails.

The catch is that we completely ignore the danger that lies behind this practice

As a reminder, the toilets are a place where germs and bacteria abound.

That is why in public toilets, it is advisable not to sit on the toilet bowl.

It is also essential not to touch the toilet seat or the walls if they are close, as there is no doubt that dirt particles and splashes of urine are present.

Even if you wash your hands, there is a good chance that you will germinate you on the door handle, on the tap.



These germs can transmit you among other infections and diarrhea.

So, what happens when you enjoy your cell phone in the toilet?

This technological object that no one can do without becomes the extension of your hand. But only to the difference, you do not wash your phone out of the toilet.

According to a University of Arizona study on the subject, 9 out of 10 phones were positive for disease-causing microbes, and 16% contained traces of excreta invisible to the naked eye. It is very little according to the researchers especially since the germs accumulate …

After reading this article, we now hope that you will leave your phone on the table before you go into the toilet. So do not forget to wash your hands every time you get out.


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