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Finally Revealed; Why Former First Lady Michelle Obama Made A Bizarre Head When Receiving The Gift Of Melania Trump!!

UNITED STATES – Her head had a lot of fun and intrigue on social networks. Michelle Obama explained her funny expression when she received the gift of Melenia Trump at the inauguration of Donald Trump’s mandate on January 20th. She was actually trying to hold back her tears, reports The Independent .

We finally know why Michelle Obama made a bizarre head when receiving the gift of Melania Trump.

At a conference at the American Institute of Architects in Orlando on Thursday, April 27, the former First Lady confided in this very special moment when, in receiving the traditional gift of the new First Lady, she Turned to the cameras pouting.

If many thought that Michelle Obama made a grimace at the presidency of Donald Trump, the former First Lady explained that no: it had nothing to do with it. She was just holding back her tears, while her family had to leave the home she had lived for eight years. ” During this time of transition, just before the doors open and that we welcome the new family, our children (Malia and Sasha) were coming out through the back door, crying and saying goodbye to all The world , “she said.

Above all, ”  I did not want to have tears in my eyes because people would have sworn that I was crying because of the new president ,” she said.

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