Filipino President Reports Sexually Assaulting Maid in His Youth

In a speech about the abuses of the Catholic Church, the Philippine president sparked controversy by saying that he had sexually assaulted his maid when he was a teenager.

Speaking during a speech about his confession to a Catholic priest when he was in high school, Rodrigo Duterte, 73, recounted how he had entered his maid’s room while she was sleeping.Read also

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“I lifted the blanket […] I tried to touch what was in the pants,” he said in a speech. “I was touching, she woke up, so I went out.”

He then claimed to have confessed to the priest that he had returned to the maid’s room and tried to assault him again.

The left-wing party Gabriela (two out of 287 parliamentarians), defending women’s rights, called for the president’s resignation, denouncing “repulsive remarks,” and accusing him of recognizing an attempted rape.


“If it’s a finger or an object, it’s also a rape,” said Joms Salvador, secretary general of Gabriela.

In front of the controversy, Salvador Panelo, the spokesman of the Philippine president affirmed that the president had “invented” the history. “He invented a laughable anecdote to draw attention to the sexual assaults that he and his comrades suffered in high school,” said the presidential representative. 

President Duterte, who claims to  have been abused by a priest when he was a student at the University of Davao, is indeed a particular virulence towards the Catholic Church that he considers to be “the most hypocritical institution” . 

These bishops, kill them!

“These bishops, kill them! This bunch of idiots is useless, they only criticize, “he lambasted in another thunderous outing on December 5. 

Rodrigo Duterte is in an increasingly open conflict with the institution, which is largely criticizing its war against drug trafficking.

Since coming to power two years ago, police have reported killing nearly 5,000 people in drug operations. Human rights organizations estimate that the actual toll is three times higher and that the campaign could be a crime against humanity. 


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