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FIFA Ranking: Germany Dethrones Brazil, Takes The Lead In The Latest Ranking. [Discover The Top 10]

FIFA has unveiled this Thursday, September 14, the ranking of the best selections in the world. Good news for the French who have won two places in this ranking. Top of the ranking is Germany, who dethroned Brazil.


The Fifa ranking fell. Germany took the lead in the monthly ranking by the International Football Federation, dethroning Brazil. As for France, winner of the Netherlands (4-0) but held in check by Luxembourg (0-0), gains two places and climbs to the 8th position of the classification. Poland, 6th, and Switzerland, 7th, are in the sights of the blues. The next meetings with Bulgaria and Belarus in early October will allow them to validate this rise.


Argentina, in difficulty in its own qualification campaign, lost its place on the podium in favor of Portugal, which gains three places. The best progress of the Top 10 comes to Belgium, which shone against Gibraltar (9-0) and Greece (2-1). It is the first European nation qualified for the World Cup. She won four places and placed 5th in the world.

African Selections

The best progress is to be put to the credit of Cape Verde. The African team won 47 places and moved to 67th position. Note also the fall of Algeria. Eliminated from the race at the World Cup, the Fennecs of Riyad Mahrez lost 14 places and are 62nd.

Top 10 ranking

  1. Germany 
  2. Brazil 
  3. Portugal 
  4. Argentina 
  5. Belgium 
  6. Poland 
  7. Swiss 
  8. France 
  9. Chile
  10. Colombia

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