Africa Would Get Two Extra World Cup Slots – FIFA President Gianni Infantino

New FIFA President Gianni Infantino has suggested that Africa would get two extra spots in his controversial proposal to expand the number of World Cup participating teams to 40.

The 46-year-old who took over the leadership of the world football organization in February has mooted the idea of increasing the number of World Cup participating teams to 40 from the current 32.

The idea has already met opposition from some critics who say this could affect the standards of the tournament, but Infantino however disagrees.


“It will be great for the World Cup in terms of popularity because you will have more nations involved in the World Cup,” Fox Sports report the president as saying.

“There is enough quality … we see it in Europe. [And] look at the last World Cup – England and Italy were kicked out by Costa Rica. This is football.”

On the expansion plans, Infantino added: “There would be of course more spots for everyone. For example, two more Africans, one-and-a-half in Concacaf, half in South America, half in Oceania, one-and-a-half in Asia, we arrive at 39.

“And the last spot should be played on the pitch somehow; let’s see how by the one who will deserve it in the best possible way.”


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