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Few Stress Free Businesses Married Women Can Do To Support The Family

Being a housewife isn’t a joke as most people perceive. It is indeed a full time job which requires time and energy just like any other job.

SO to make it easier on yourself as a full time live at home mum, these tips should help you put things into perspectives:

With the advent of social media, there’s been a burgeoning market for writers and content developers. Some of these openings allow employees to work remotely. So if you have a passion for writing or you are a writer, this could be an area to look at.


Cake and pastries
So birthday cake is the trend now especially cakes inspired by football clubs, television series like Spiderman among others so caterers are never out of business. Now spending about 3 months or less to learn how to make pastries or cakes shouldn’t be much of a problem compared to the enormous benefit one will derive after training.

Soap, pomade and home products.
Housewives can take courses in cake and liquid soap, air freshener, detergent and pomade making then start producing and marketing their own brands. With quality products, neatly designed and packaged plus power of social media, you are set for success.


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