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Feminism Is A Word Hated By A Few- Let’s Debunk Some Mythical Beliefs Around Feminism

Many people see women’s activists as a cluster of furious man haters who need to execute each man and assume control over the world. This couldn’t possibly be more off-base.

Being loving and caring towards any woman, either your wife, sister, daughter or a female colleague is simply Feminism. It shows you don’t segregate and wouldn’t rate yourself higher than another no matter the sex or race.

Here are the 6 things you should think about women’s rights.

 Feminism simply means believing in equality

Chimamanda Adichie gave a remarkable ideal definition in her TED talk titled, ‘We should all be women’s activists’.

Women’s activist: a man who has confidence in the social, political, monetary correspondence of the genders.”- Chimamanda Adichie.

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Uniformity is a direct term to comprehend and have faith in. In the event that you have faith in it, you measure up to open door for all people. Any man may even be a woman’s activist without knowing it


 Feminists Are Thought To Be Men Haters

Individuals who loathe men are called Misandrists, not women’s activists. Women’s activists don’t loathe men, all we need is to be given similar alternatives and openings that men are given. Fun truth: a great deal of men are women’s activists. So do male women’s activists despise men?Feminism is all inclusive and not just for women. Any person of any gender, colour, religion, shape, size, etc. can be a feminist.  


 Feminism helps men as well

Men are held to so many unfair standards in society. They are expected to be tough and ‘manly’and suppress their emotions at all times. Feminism fights patriarchy and helps men to fully express themselves.  Feminism is all about fighting for the ability for women to be seen as strong as men are perceived, and the ability for men to be as vulnerable as women are perceived. Gender should be recognized on a spectrum, and not as two opposing sets of ideals.


 Feminism is still very necessary in today’s world 

Many individuals assert that woman’s rights are redundant since ladies are currently permitted to vote and work on indistinguishable occupations like men. In any case, ladies are as yet being dealt with as less everywhere throughout the world.
In Africa, young ladies have next to zero access to instruction and young marriage is predominant. How about we not overlook that the wage gap exists-ladies are paid less to do a similar occupation that men do.

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