Female Bus Driver Rescues 20 School Children Before Fire-Gutted Bus Turned To Rubble(Photos)


A South Carolina school bus driver, Teresa Strobel helped get 56 students off the vehicle before it burst into flames, Tuesday morning in Duncan, USA.

According to WSPA, the bus en route to Duncan Elementary, Beech Springs Intermediate and Byrnes High School when two students at the back of the bus noticed smoke.

The students informed the driver and she got each of the 56 students off the bus and asked the transportation office to call 911.

The bus then caught fire and firefighters arrived on scene to extinguish the blaze.

Superintendent Scott Turner told WSPA  that she was able to evacuate everyone in under a minute as he is very proud of her actions.

He said:

“She did exactly what she was trained to do. She was calm. She kept the students calm. She made sure they were safe. They were her first priority. She’s our hero today.”

The school district took to their Facebook page to notify parents about the incident.

They wrote:

District Five Schools of Spartanburg County has many reasons to be grateful today! This morning, just after 7:00 a.m., one of our buses carrying students on their way to Duncan Elementary, Beech Springs Intermediate and Byrnes Freshman Academy, caught fire.

Two 9th grade students immediately noticed the smoke, and alerted their driver. Teresa Stroble, a 7 year veteran driver and teacher assistant for our district, did exactly as she was trained and quickly and calmly evacuated all 56 students from the bus, and got them to a safe location. She is a true hero!!!

We are so thankful for the quick action of the Duncan Fire Department in putting the fire out, and all district administrators who responded and helped with what could have been a very tragic situation.

As all of our school buses are owned by the state of South Carolina, the investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing, and will be completed by staff at the state level. We are so blessed that all of our students, and Ms. Stroble are safe!

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female bus driver rescues


female bus driver rescuesfemale bus driver rescuesfemale bus driver rescues


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