Feel Confused? What You Can Do to Boost Your Brain Power

The loss of mental function or cognitive ability is a serious medical problem that can have a number of different causes. Sometimes this is just a part of aging—a slow deterioration that can eventually lead to dementia unless stopped. Sometimes depression or another psychological disorder is the reason why a person may feel confused, scattered, or uncertain. But sometimes the cause of the brain function is something much worse.

No matter what the cause, unclear thinking and memory loss can be devastating.

In the worst cases, it’s Alzheimer’s disease stealing the life of someone you love. Anyone who has a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s knows that the most painful part of the disease is the loss of memory. Watching as day by day more of the past disappears forever gets a little bit harder all of the time. Whether it’s the favorite book they don’t remember reading, the last time that they went to the beach, or even the names of their children and grandchildren, Alzheimer’s is a life-taker.

The medical consensus is that this brain loss is the permanent, end stage of the disease. If you look at pictures of the brains of Alzheimer’s patients you can actually see the damage being done. Whole sections of the brain shrink and break down. On a biological level, this means that the brain’s ability to function is destroyed. On a personal level, an individual disappears.


Of course there are prescription drugs to slow down this process. As with any disease, pharmaceutical companies can devise a pill to make your symptoms less noticeable, but they haven’t come up with any cures. What else can you do? How can brain function be improved if a change in diet and doing routine brain exercises aren’t enough. There is something else.

A controversial new method for brain stimulation claims to improve mental functioning.

Brain stimulation is principally about repairing the ability of neurons to fire in the brain. The result of a collaboration by Dr. Goldman and Alexander Lynch, The Memory Healer Program was designed to help anyone regain cognitive abilities and bring them back up to peak levels.

The Memory Healer Program is so effective at increasing the higher faculties of mind, that Mensa International—the organization made up of individuals with genius-level IQs from all over the world—banned its members from using it. It just wasn’t fair to the other members, who were clearly being outclassed by applicants who had received a cognitive-boost from using the method. Mensa may not allow The Memory Healer Program, but there’s no one stopping you from increasing your brain’s abilities.


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