FBI Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos of 9/11 Pentagon Attack 16 Years Later

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released hitherto-unseen photos which show the aftermath of 9/11 attacks.

Some of the photos also show the parts of the American Airlines Flight 77 which had crashed into the building killing all 59 people on-board, including the five hijackers.

A total of 27 new photos have been released by the FBI, showing the devastation caused by the attack on the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. PHOTO: FBI

The 9/11 attacks had killed 2,977 Americans and 19 hijackers. The firefighters had to work for days before the fire caused by the attacks could be extinguished completely.

The 27 pictures revealed now capture the vast devastation Pentagon saw during 9/11.

Although the attack on New York’s World Trade Center received more attention, another hijacked plane, American Airlines Flight 77, was crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC. PHOTO: FBI


Firefighters took days to put out the flames. PHOTO: FBI

The aircraft tore a hole that ran more than 100 yards into the iconic building. PHOTO: FBI

Picture shows a part of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon building, PHOTO: FBI

The Pentagon was built in 1943 as the headquarters of the US Department of Defence. It was also referred to as ‘Ground Zero’ as many believed that the former Soviet Union would attack it.


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