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Father’s Day Celebration: Steve Harvey’s Kids Make Heartbreaking Confession, Confirms What We’ve All Been Suspecting!!

Steve Harvey’s house is a model present day and mixed American family. After two past marraiges and four children coming about because of those connections, and three stepchildren from his present spouse, Marjorie, his home is constantly occupied and neighborly countenances are continually ceasing by! Typically everybody is occupied with their own particular timetables – that is the reason the Harvey kids chosen to meet up and give their father the Father’s Day tribute of a lifetime.


Marjorie and the seven kids sat before Steve and each of them shared their most memorable moment with him. From father-daughter wedding dances, to supporting their art shows and silly Christmas morning memories, each child shared what moment meant the most to them and represented their relationship with Steve the best! But when Marjorie started speaking, Steve couldn’t hold the tears down any longer!


Tearing up herself, Marjorie explained the moment she knew Steve was the one for her. She said, “I told my father years ago that I was truly looking for man like [him], because I had an example [of how a husband should act] in my house… One day I came home and I said, ‘Daddy, I finally found him.’ And he said, ‘You think so?’ And I said, ‘I know so!” This touching Father’s Day tribute is something Steve is never going to forget! Watch each Harvey share their favorite memories by pressing “play” on the heartwarming video below!

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